March 2016.  Heres a great Clan photograph I was sent recently by Katie from across the water.  Anyone know what the current situation is with the Clan Leask Society?

Leask Clan _ 1_2016










March 2016.  I have got some more pictures and info about The Chapel,  Nether Leask and the Manor House.  It comes from www.canmore.org.uk and I thank them for allowing me to reproduce the information here.  See the Relevant sections under the Hills of Leask.

January 2016.  I have come across a cow breeders website, http://www.highlandcattleonline.co.uk and I put in the illustrious surname and some cows came out!  We have Angus, Maggie, Pandy, Davie, Morag, Annie and Davie the Second.  With the exception of one animal there all dead!  I blame Ronald MacDonald.  The owners/breeders address is “House of Leask, by Ellon”.

January 2016.  A Flat at Leask House is for sale.  Leask House is close to the town centre of Inverurie up in Scotland.  Its postcode is AB51 3PT.  Its probably not in the same class as our mansion in the Hills of Leask but it looks very nice on the inside nevertheless.  See this link if your interested in this leasehold property. https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/337086/Flat-1–Leask-House—Beverley-Road/Inverurie/house

December 2015.  I have added two new pages for your delectation and delight.  Actually this may not be the case for “Victim” as the story is pretty unpleasant.  The other is more uplifting, “Heroic Leask 2”.

December 2015.  Another site that may be of help in Leask hunting is https://www.forcesreunited.co.uk/ I haven’t come across it before.   I think my Dad is on there.  I need to investigate.

August 2015. I haven’t put anything new on the site recently so here’s something that’s been discovered on my maternal side.  My Great (x6) Grandfather, a Simon Vandenbergh (1728-1808) was a London Bookseller who often published “controversial authors”.  One of them was a Chevalier d’Eon.  Described as a “cross-dressing agent provocateur”.   A kind of Napoleonic Eddie Izzard?

January 2015. A further communication has been received concerning the seemingly unhappy events at the Clan Leask Society.  See the “Clan Leask 2015” link above.

December 2014.  There is some unhappiness at the Clan Leask and Clan Leask Society.  I have no insider information so I will simply publish what I received this month.  Instead of the yearly subscription letter I received this communication instead.  See the menu item “Clan Leask 2015” at the top of the page.

August 2014.  Leask Spotted!  Watching the BBCs Look East news program tonight a Poppy Leask was interviewed.  She is aircrew at RAF Marham and is about to become involved in refugee relief in northern Iraq.

March 2014.  Neagsomoeming, what are you up to?  You have been locked out quite a few times now.  If you persist in trying to hack my site try using only two password attempts at a time.  Then you wont be immediatly flagged up.  Anyway, lets see where you coming from, ah Bonjour!.  If you wish to apologise for commiting a criminal act send me an email at ray@leask.co.uk

March 2013.  Somewhat after the event heres a news clipping from the Edinburgh Courant (Glasgow) edition dated 29/07/1868.

A Glasgow gentleman drowned at Newhaven, Sussex.

We regret to observe in our obituary the name of Mr John Smith Leask, of the
well-known firm of McEwen, Stevenson and Leask, warehousemen, 5 Union
Street, of this city.  Mr Leask, who was a comparatively young man, was on
his way to Paris on Saturday forenoon last, accompanied by a friend, and
tempted by the fine weather, and having a short time to spare before the
Dieppe steamer sailed, they entered the water for the purpose of bathing.
Mr Leask could not swim, but his companion showed him how far he might come
out with comparative safety.  Turning about shortly afterwards Mr Leask’s
companion observed him in a somewhat different direction to that which he
had indicated, and flinging his arms about as if enjoying the play of the
waves.  This, however, it turned out was the death-struggle of his friend.
He then made for Mr Leask and caught him by the arm, but an incoming wave
washed him off his footing, and the unfortunate young man was in consequence
drowned.  Mr Leask was unmarried.     Citizen

March 2013.  Going through some old photo albums (remember them?) I came across some photos of the Manor House taken in October 1987.  I have added them to the Manor House section of the Hills of Leask.

March 2013.  Its true, there is a connection between the Leasks and the Marie Celeste.  In keeping with the spirit of plagiarism within the Internet I have created a new Page.  See the menu above.

March 2013.  We have a successful politician.  In May 2012 Councillor Eileen Leask became Mayor of South Tyneside here in the UK.  Heres a link http://www.southtyneside.info/article/15881/south-tynesides-new-mayor

February 2013.  My contacts tell me that a Leask had a connection with the Marie Celeste.  Whooooooo!  I have brought a second hand book via the great Ebay Emporium and Junk Recycler to investigate.  It may take a while to report back.  I am having problems catching up with all my Christmas reading.

January 2013.  Leask Spotted!  Manchester United had better watch out and re-sign David Beckham.  We have a football manager in the clan.  Church Stretton Town has Joe Leask running things.  I must admit I dont know where Church Streeton is.  A story in the Ludlow and Tenbury Wells Advertiser tells us that Joe had won the Shropshire FA Challenge Cup when he was a player.  Alex Furgeson eat your heart out.

October 2012.  Just to show us Leasks are where it matters in world affairs, Anna Leask of the New Zealand Herald has written about a man in New Zealand who went to an Auckland hospital to have an eel removed from up his bottom.  To be fair to Anne her story was about the alledged  breach of Confidentiality when the story was  leaked to the press.  The original story had the uplifting headline – “Hospital removes eel from man’s bum”. For Annes story see http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10838269  For the original story see http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10835890

September 2012.  The British Museum is running a trial to see whether its feasible to archive the Internets UK Domain.  Using Robots to trawl the Internet in the same way as Google and Yahoo compile their Search data the British Museum has paid this site a visit. I am going to have to be careful, anything I say will be kept for the rest of time, Wow!  See http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/stratpolprog/digi/domresproj/index.html for details.

June 2012.  I have been a bit slow in putting this information up on the web site. On British BBC TV in the mornings has been shown a series of documentaries called Heir Hunters.  This follows an organisation that makes money by tracking down relations of people who have died without making a will.  In the episode shown on 8th May was a list of such people.  On it was a James Leask!  James died on the 14th November 2000 and lived not far from me at Westcliff on Sea near Southend in Essex.  The phone and email was red hot afterwards with friends and neighbours who had seen it as well.  What a bunch of mercenary buggers!  They all wanted a cut for telling me if I was heir to a fortune.  Now I guess the estate isn’t worth a fortune because otherwise this organisation and others would have been in contact.  Its not as if we have an common name and would be difficult to track down. Ther relevant UK Government website is http://www.bonavacantia.gov.uk/output/.  James Leask is no longer mentioned.

June 2012.  The old chest pumped up with pride.  This Web site has been mentioned in the latest Clan Leask Newsletter!  It then deflated when Sweden scored an equaliser.  I was reading issue 18 at the same time as watching Football on the goggle box.

April 2012.  Well, another Leask spotted and another Ray as well. Freaky, that makes three of us now.  See information at http://www.researchmyname.com/Leask/Ray-Leask.htm

April 2012.  Leask spotted! Watching a TV program about British Actor John Le Mesurier the Colourist was Alexander Leask.  Is it me but isn’t the important bit about telling a story the story itself?  Mucking about with the colour balance will not make a c**p program any better?

April 2012.  Leask spotted!  Watching the credits on a BBC Documentary about Chat Shows the Online Editor was an Alex Leask.

April 2012.  Damien Leask has been spotted again.  Watching a BBC Documentary about the 1970s Damien popped up again as an Editor.

April 2012.  Another Accountant! David Leask has been in touch from Leask Accountancy Solutions here in the UK.  Ho Hum.  Contemplating life now that I am old returns me to decisions made in the past.  Maybe I should have perserved with my Principles of Accounts O Level.  See Davids and Julias Website at http://www.leaskas.co.uk.

February 2012.  Leasks Spotted!  I bit late though.  Reading some books about Ernest Shackletons Antartic Expedition the photographer involved, Frank Hurley, returned to South Georgia in the South Atlantic in 1917 to take some more pictures.  His assistant was a Magnus Leask.  Magnus, as well as his brother James were Pall Bearers for Shackletons body when he died in 1922 and buried on the same island.  Not two Leasks but a third.  Captain Laurence Leask was in charge of the SS Woodville which brought Shackletons body to the island.  He was also present at the Funeral.  All three men as well as other Pall Bearers were from the Shetlands.  For more information and a picture see the Shetland Museum Web Site.  http://photos.shetland-museum.org.uk/index.php?a=indexes&s=item&key=IYToxOntpOjA7czo3OiJGdW5lcmFsIjt9&pg=8

February 2012.  Leask spotted! Watching the credits for a BBC documentary about the Queen yesterday the Online Editor was an Alexander Leask.

December 2011. Bill Leask has been in touch, leask21214@aol.com, concerning the Jimmy Leask story that appears elsewhere on this Web Site. Bill tells me that the person featured is a Jimmy Leisk of Sandwick in Shetland. He was born in 1911 and died in 1980. He was married to an Aunt of his mothers. Quite rightly Bill feels that if the story contains some wrong information then it needs to be corrected. I need to do some investigation. Watch this space.

November 2011. Grandfather spotted! A random search of the Internet uncovered a World War 2 Soldiers Recollection that mentioned my Grandfather. Its only a small mention but may infer me old granddad might have been a trouble maker. Theres also a photograph of him. This is great as we have so few pictures of him. See the page Grandaddy for the information and go to Philips Clarkes website “http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/slacker/dad5.html” for more of his fathers recollections.

July 2011. The Clan leask Society Newsletter #17 has dropped onto the front door mat. I renewed the family membership for only £8, a small sum to pay to keep in touch. My attention was drawn to the Membership Report. There appears to be an interesting situation with regard to New Zealand. Maybe we should get High Commissioner Derek Leask involved? North America seems a bit barren as well for other reasons.

June 2011. Leask Spotted. On the BBCs Breakfast Program the Head of the National Sailing Academy down at Weymouth and Portland was an Edward Leask. He was talking about preparations for the 2012 Olympics. He stated “we’re ready, we will deliver”!

May 2011. Leask Town in Canada is to celebrate its Centenary next year, 2012. The Hotel in Leask was to be a centrepeice in the Celebrations. Unfortunately earlier this year it burnt down.

May 2011. Oh No. Another Leask Website old timer may be disappearing. Reported in the Shetland Times October 2010. John Leask & Son travel agency put up for sale. One of Shetland’s oldest family firms John Leask & Sons has put the travel agency part of its business up for sale.

Peter Leask said this week the decision had been taken because he and his brother Andrew are getting on in years and felt it was time to test the water to see if there was interest in taking on the agency. “We’re just looking to the future,” he said. “We’re both into our 60s now.” He stressed that the sale offer, with a guide price of £240,000, does not include the bus and coach operation which has been run by the family for 91 years and will continue in their hands. The travel agency began 17 years later in 1936 when Leasks became the agent for Allied Airways when it started flying to Shetland. Leask’s is the only major travel agency in Shetland following the demise of rival Travelscope in 2008 after 15 years. The current premises are on the Esplanade where eight people are currently employed. Mr Leask said there was still plenty business for travel agencies despite the explosion in online booking. “There will always be work for travel agents,” he said. “There are lots of things that folk can’t do online.” If there is no interest in the agency he said Leasks would continue it.

May 2011. Well I think the website is back together again and with some new content as well. Let me know if you see any typos.

May 2011. Apologies to all viewers about the lack of a website. The thing got corrupted after an upgrade and my lack of knowledge with WordPress, PHP and MySQL meant a rebuild was required. I then got sidetracked by installing a new Firewall and going over to the Apache Web Server. Be patient, this Jewel of a site will soon be back!

April 2011. Leask Spotted. The editor of a BBC Horizon Program about the history of the Space Shuttle was a Damon Leask.

February 2011. Hello Joan!

May 2010. We have a Politician amongst us. Aggravation with Cricket Balls here in the North East of England has got Eileen Leask doing her bit. See the story at http://www.jarrowandhebburngazette.com/latest-news/Fedup-residents-are-hit-for.6271023.jp

January 2010. Brent Leask, the subject of Naughty Leask 2 has been deemed “Too dangerous to release”. Oh my god, I think I might shut down the web site. For details see http://www.winnipegsun.com/news/winnipeg/2009/12/13/12136571-sun.html

January 2010. And by Jove it happened. See http://www.thestarphoenix.com/travel/Opportunity+lifetime+torchbearers/2437494/story.html

January 2010. Hot off the Presses! The Olympic Torch is to be carried through the Township of Leask in Canada. I can only guess it takes a long while to arrive in London in 2012. Personally I dont give two hoots about the Olympics but if you want to see more go to http://www.thestarphoenix.com/technology/Olympic+torch+will+light+city/2414878/story.html

January 2010. Nothing much to do with the Leask Clan but here’s a link to a Driving School Website. Its here to create a link to attract Search Engine Robots. http://www.jeffmooredrivingtuition.co.uk

November 2009. Out in Canada we have a Supreme Court Judge! A Peter Leask. He seems to have irritated some people according to this story http://www.vancouversun.com/Common+sense+takes+back+seat+acquittal+dozing+driver/2227340/story.html

November 2009. We have a school in Alaska named after us. Judy Leask Guthrie sent me some information. “The school was named after my dad’s first cousin Charles Leask. He was principal of the schools in Metlakatla, Alaska many years ago. They named the school after him about 5 to 10 years ago.

My great-great-grandfather, James Leask, came to British Columbia, Canada in the mid-1800′s with the Hudson Bay Company. He married into the Tsimpsian (many different spellings) Tribe. That is where we all came from. He had one child, David James Leask and he, in turn, had 9 children. So from those 9 children, there are probably about 500 of us. We are going to have a “Leask Family Reunion” here in Ketchikan. Most of us are in Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, (Canada), Washington State and a few other places.

You mentioned Janey Leask. Her dad and mine were brothers. She is currently President of First Alaskans Foundation.”

November 2009. I cant remember whether I have reported this before but New Zealand High Commissioner for the UK is a Derek Leask. For a biography see http://d342537.u26.pipeten.co.uk/headsofmission/diplomat.aspx?intDiplomatID=340 I did think of asking him whether he could supply some cheap Lamb but those piercing eyes of his frighten me a bit.

November 2009. We have our own Good Life Leasks up in Manchester here in the UK. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greenlife/s/1131781_family_digging_in_for_the_good_life__ If I lived in Manchester mind you I would be building a gun tower to protect myself from the Gun gangs. Its grim up north you know.

November 2009. Ye Haa! We have a Rodeo Rider Mac Leask. See http://www.canadianprorodeohalloffame.com/inductees.php?year=1998#MAC%20LEASK for details.

November 2009. John Leask has got in touch and has sent me a more flattering picture of the Leask Department Store. See the page for your delectation and delight.

November 2009. Ok a determined attempt to get my front page updated. First of all Jimmy Leask, the D-Day Veteran. Film exists of him walking up the gang plank prior to D-Day. It was recently featured on a “DocuDrama” shown by the BBC. All I have to do now is rip the thing to preserve it. Thanks to Brian Duffy for getting touch and sending me stills.

September 2009. We visited Southampton to find the grave of my great great grandfather. He was the guy we believe transported the illustrious name to East London. It was a paupers grave shared with 21 other people and no headstone. It was an odd feeling being there. I found a local Petrol Station and brought some flowers to put on the grave. I wonder when the last time was such a thing was done.

May 2009. Only of Interest to me really. After reading an article on Internet Fraud a suggestion was to search for your own name to see if anything dodgy comes up. I did, nothing dodgy came up but I discovered another Ray Leask. An army record of his time as a gunner is at http://www.forcesreunited.org.uk/myregimentsdetails_army.asp?ID=176489. No other information, which is a shame

March 2009. I have discovered some more information about Kenneth Leask, our WW1 Flying Hero. See the Heroic Leask Page for details.

February 2009. Shona from Canada has been in touch. Shona is Jimmy Leasks daughter. I am quite knocked out that a relation of Jimmys has been in touch. She has confirmed that he is in fact the Sapper bottom left of the picture not bottom right. The soldier looking out to Sea is Cyril Hawkins, Jimmy is the soldier facing the camera. Shona is sending me some details regarding her dad and I will put them on Jimmys page.

January 2009. Well, there might be a “Cock up on the Catering Front” here. As a special treat for Christmas I brought myself a copy of Richard Holmes’ “The D-Day Experience. ISBN 978 86200 546 4. 2008. On page 42 is that D-Day picture of Jimmy Leask. A Slight discrepency with what I have read elsewhere? Holmes states that Jimmy is the Sapper at bottom left foreground rather than bottom right foreground. Its stated that the chap looking out to sea is Sapper Cyril Hawkins. I am gonna have to get to the bottom of this.

January 2009. For a fab website showing David Leasks Photographs got to http://www.davidleask.f2s.com/index.htm. I just wish mine looked that good.

January 2009. Blogging is the fashion now on the Internet. A sort of online diary. Mmmmmmm. For an example see Graham Leasks Blog at http://grahamleask.blogspot.com/ The upstairs toilet here is getting regularly blocked but I am not sure I want to share my adventures getting it unblocked with the the world.

January 2009. David Leask, a reporter with The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper is pounding away on his Typewriter “up norf” (Its grim up norf). I am getting regular notifications of his articles that appear on its website – http://www.scotsman.com/

July 2008. Oh dear, it looks like I am twiddling with the web site. I have received comments that things dont work. So I will try to fix things. Watch this space for more breakdowns.

May 2008. A cold chill ran down the spine of your beloved Webmiester when he found he was not the only Ray Leask on the planet! In an attempt to combat terminal boredom he entered his name into the Google.co.uk mechanism. Gottadamerunggg! There is a Ray Leask alive and kicking in New Zealand. When I saw Rays face on a website I immediately thought, do I look that old? But hold on, Rays older than me, why did I think we would be the same age?

May 2008. The Clan Leask Society sadly reported the death of Madam Leask of Leask, who died on the 25th April 2008. Her Funeral was held on the 15th May at St Faith Crematorium, Norwich. She will be succeeded by Jonathan Leask who becomes the 23rd Chief of the Clan Leask.

April 2008. Its been a while since I have updated this but what a find! I have just booked a holiday to visit the Beaches of Normandy. I was reading some library books on the subject only to find a Leask in the forefront of one of the most famous D-Day Photographs. I will create a new page for this, watch this space.

April 2008. Struth, I have just discovered the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, http://www.cwgc.org/. Stick in the hallowed name and see what comes out. Its difficult not getting slightly emotional about it. I see that a Canadian Leask, James Joseph was killed on D-Day and is buried near Bayeux in Normandy. I would like to look into this some more.

April 2008. Searching for Jimmy Leask I find there is a Jim Leask working just up the road from me at Colchester Borough Council. An Enterprise Team Leader. The clan is just getting more and more common. Looking on Bebo there are plenty of Leasks now. I hope Jim hasn’t been trying to email me at work. The email system for the Essex “gov.uk” suffix is a complete dog and yours truly has been struggling to understand it.

January 2007. the Clan Leask Society have issued their Autumn 2006 Newsletter. I would say its the best one yet. On page 13 is an article written by a relative. A fine genetic strand of the Leask Clan. Go to http://www.clan-leask.org.uk/ for details of how to get it.

October 2006. Google has just purchased YouTube. Go to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/ at search for Leask. There are some video clips. Your gonna need a broadband link for this.

April 2006. I had been told about this story a little while ago and at the time seemed very sad. A picture of David Leasks shops appears elsewhere on this site. I have now come across it as reported by a British Tabloid newspaper.

“KILLER husband David Leask was so warped he stopped his wife from seeing her own mother. Heartbroken Janet Spence hadn’t seen or spoken to daughter Donna for six years before she was blasted to death by control freak Leask, who then shot himself. The 67-year-old has never met her four-year-old granddaughter, who has been left orphaned by the shooting on Orkney. Fighting back tears, Janet revealed how she used to watch her granddaughter play in the local play park behind her home – but was never allowed to meet her. The girl, who was sleeping at the time of the shooting in January 2006, is now being cared for by Leask’s sister and brother- in-law. Shell-shocked Janet, from Stromness, said: “I loved Donna so much. I hadn’t spoken to her for a long time. She wouldn’t come to see me any more. “I knew he was a control freak. I really think it was him who was stopping her coming to see me. He controlled her. If he said to her ‘you do not go and see your mother’, she would not.” Janet added: “I have never met my grandchild. Donna used to bring her to the playpark behind my house but I would never go out and speak to her as I knew I was not welcome.

Sicko Leask shot 30-year-old Donna to death at her cottage home in Finstown, Orkney, in a fit of jealousy on Thursday night over her decision to leave him two months earlier. Former butcher’s shop owner Leask, 43, then turned the gun on himself as the four-year-old lay sleeping just feet away.

Donna met Leask when she was just 18 and was swept off her feet, despite being warned about his possessiveness by her worried parents. Janet said: “She was my daughter for 18 years then she met up with this man. He was getting divorced from his wife at the time. His first wife walked out on him leaving him with two children. I knew he was a compulsive, nasty man and then my Donna got involved with him. Donna was even warned by Leask’s first wife to stay clear of the psychopath. But Donna ignored her, and the couple then married in 1996 Donna’s devastated sister described Leask as “obsessive and possessive”. She said: “I feel hatred towards David. To take Donna and leave the child is just cruel. He could have just killed himself. Donna said that he had told her that if he couldn’t have her, then no one could. “It has not sunk in yet. Murder in Orkney is so rare”.

October 2005. Idly flipping through James Joyces Ulysees one night in Bed (Will I ever read it?) imagine my surprise when I saw “Leask’s the Linseed crusher….” Of Windmill Lane. Struth we get everywhere. Who is this mysterious crusher? Unfortunately this is the only mention of him in the entire book.

September 2005. Reported I believe on the BBC news website. Skipper, Peter Leask, who lives in Shetland, appeared in private at Lerwick charged over a tug boat incident. About 200 tonnes of diesel fuel was spilled when the tug Anglian Sovereign ran aground. The skipper has been charged with being more than three times over the legal limit of alcohol. He is facing five charges under Maritime and environmental legislation. Mr Leask made no plea or declaration and the case was continued.

The Anglian Sovereign ran aground on 3 September, spilling 200 tonnes of fuel. A coastguard rescue helicopter from Sumburgh was called in after the 66-metre long vessel sent a mayday. The 13 crew on the vessel, which had been contracted by Lowestoft firm Klyne Tugs, were airlifted to safety. A major clean-up operation dealt with the bulk of the diesel fuel spill and the rest dispersed naturally. Three investigations into the accident are under way. The tug, which was badly damaged in the incident, has gone to Rotterdam for repairs.

December 2004. Andy Leisk has emailed me with an URL of http://www.handweaving.net/Patterns.aspx which after registering enables you to view the Leask Tartan and download details of how to weave it. Thanks Andy.

September 2004. Marcus Otto from Germany has emailed me saying that there are villages and surnames in Prussia, a a part of Germany that have the name Lieske. Also a town in Phoenix, USA called Lieske. I will make investigations.

September 2004. Leask spotted. A David Leask has written to the British Daily Mail. I dont know what the subject was but it stated “According to Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado, shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime, not the plea?”. As the Mails outlook on life is somewhere to the right of Hitler maybe hanging was involved.

September 2004. Leasks are appearing thick and fast. We have a Ranald leask who works as a reporter for the Scottish BBC news program, Scotland Today. On the Scotland today website ( 22nd Sept. 2004 ) a Pamela Leask has won a Wonder Mum title. Reading about what Pamela does she deserves it. On a list of Alaskas 25 most powerful people Janie Leask makes an appearance. I see that she was brought up in the same area where the Leask Middle School resides so maybe there’s a story there. I will put more detail on this website later in the week.

September 2004. My Scottish link has been established. My great-great grandfather was born in Scotland but moved to Plaistow in East London in the 19th Century. There is a nice connection here. When I was young my father gave me a tour of his employers printing works when he worked in Plaistow. I hear the pipes calling…….

September 2004. Leask spotted. On BBC TV last night there was a program about the IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton in the 1980s. The editor was a Damien Leask.

September 2004. I have found a school in Alaska with the revered name. Leask Middle School of Metlakatla. I cant find an email address for it, otherwise I would ask how it got its name. There is a phone number but my employer would almost certainly complain if I rang Alaska in work time.

September 2004. We have a Leask involved in Animal Welfare. For more information on his remarks on Rhino Horn and poaching in South Africa, see http://www.enn.com/news/2003-10-21/s_9605.asp.

September 2004. Old news but only just discovered. Looks like we may have another murderer. Its alleged that Brent Richard Leask of Canada stabbed the host of a party he went to in the neck. Leask, who has the names of a Winnipeg gang tattoed on his forearms was last reported on the run. Struth, I am making sure the doors and windows are securely locked tonight.

September 2004. Rhonda, who runs the website mentioned below has emailed me. She told me about an ancestor who emigrated from the Orkneys in June 1837 to take up a job for the Hudsons Bay company. He was to become master of a newly built Scooner on Lake Superior. He didnt last very long in that job. He was retired two years later on the grounds that “he was found ill qualified to act as commander of our Schooner, being too silly and thoughtless as well as careless, capricious and inattentive”. Some of my ex-employers may have thought that of me.

August 2004. Someone else out there takes pictures of Leask gravestones. See http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~pcaddict/index.html. A Leask genealogy website I guess from across the water.

August 2004. 35 years ago I brought a secondhand book called the “Concise Dictionary of National Biography, 1921 edition”. Even as a child I showed sad tendencies. It lists people who have written things, I think. In it is a Leask. It states ” LEASK, WILLIAM. (1812-1884), dissenting divine; (Wot? He was a god?) entered congregational ministry, and held several charges from 1839; edited the “Christian World” and other non-conformist journals; author of sermons, lectures and works on theological and moral questions.” Sounded a barrel of laughs.

August 2004. My Personal Assistant (See above) has volunteered to explore my family history. One more chance for me to inherit my lost lands and wealth.

August 2004. I have received two publications giving details of Leasks and the Hills of Leasks. There taken from a Poll Tax document which was levied in Scotland in 1696. I will give more details in the next few days.

August 2004. I have found two streets in Scotland with Leask as its name. “Leask Avenue” in Peterhead which is a fishing town north of Aberdeen and “Leask Road” in Morray near Inverness.

August 2004. Whilst updating the site I came across the many sites available for Genealogical research. I may give this some thought. My father researched the family tree some years ago. If I find the time I may look into it and publish any research I do.

August 2004. I have had a look at Macs website. It looks great. So, I have got my finger out and had a revamp of this homepage. My site has got to look better.

July 2004. I have been to the Orkneys. The Leasks are as common as muck up there. Leasks are everywhere, in the streets, in the shops, in the water and under the ground. For an uplifting view of your webmasters personality see thousands of pictures of Leask graves. I think I need help.

July 2004. I have just been sent a copy of the latest Clan Leask Newsletter ( Thanks to Barbara Leask ). Its a interesting edition. I think I may have my DNA tested.

January 2004. Leask sighted! In the credits for that wonderful American TV series “World’s Wildest Police Videos” (Channel 5, Sundays, 11pm’ish) a clearance supervisor is a Renee Leask. Good on yer Renee! It could be the funniest program on British TV if it wasn’t for the guns. Not a great advert for the States mind you.

April 2003. I have discovered the wonderful world of Music trading. I never realised how much superb music there was on the web and legal as well. I have created a new page listing of what I have. If your interested in Trading drop me a line at ray”at”leask.co.uk. Real email address disguised to combat spam mail.

I have been told that a couple of months a months ago an advert appeared in the British Sunday Telegraph stating the “Mill of Leask” was up for sale. Unfortunately when we tried to find the said rag it already had been used to wrap up last weeks fish and chips. See Mill of Leask for some pictures.

I see the Clan have started to construct a new web site and it looks pretty good. Better than there old one and certainly better looking than mine. Take a peekaboo.

Imagine my excitement! This site has been mentioned in the Clan Leask Newsletter.

Well, their online. Clan Leask now has its own web site. There are lots of historical information on it. Give them a bell.

Anyone got details or even a recording of the “Leask Clan Society” song as mentioned in Clan Leask Society Newsletter December 1996?

Ok the pictures are on with a brief overview. If you are a local with any further information please email.me.

Does anyone have a decent scanned picture of the tartan? I have one taken from the tie but I think it looks a bit naff.

There back! I have the pictures! My god it takes so long to scan them in and then create the pages. So, be patient. I am gradually building up the site.

Great news! I have just returned from the Holy land. No not there, Clan Leask Country up in Scotland. Once I get the pictures back from the chemist they will be published here on my Website! Be patient.


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