Here’s an unpleasant story.  Taken from  I think just the photograph says it all.  Anyway, sympathies to family and friends of of both Kenneths.

Darcy William Kozak has been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 23 years for the second-degree murders of two men

Darcy William Kozak has been sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 23 years for the second-degree murders of two men.

“Mr. Kozak’s acts were a manifestation of incomprehensible evil,” B.C. Supreme Court Justice James Williams said Friday in sentencing him for killing Kenneth Robinson, 45, a disabled, homeless Nanaimo man, and Kenneth Leask, a 44-year-old Powell River man.

“It is my view that this offender and these offences are that rare case which would warrant the imposition of the maximum period of parole ineligibility,” Williams said.

However, Williams considered Kozak’s guilty pleas, which spared the victims’ families from having to testify at what was expected to be a 10-week trial. He imposed a 23-year period of parole ineligibility instead of the maximum 25 years, which the prosecution had asked for.

In an agreed statement of facts presented to the court earlier this week, Kozak admitted confining, torturing and killing Robinson in May 2007 after the homeless man drove off in his truck and stole a few items from his trailer in the Shawnigan Lake area. Kozak also admitted torturing, beating, burning and smothering Kenneth Leask in the fall of 2008. Leask, who met Kozak in jail, had been given $5,000 by Kozak to start a grow-op but spent the money instead.

Kozak pleaded guilty to manslaughter for his involvement in the death in October 2008 of Luc Dulude, a friend from the Vancouver Island Correctional Centre. The Quebec man was shot in the abdomen by Kozak’s friend Robert Cook. Then both men wrapped Dulude in plastic while he was still alive. His body was found in an old bakery on a waterfront property in Campbell River two months later.

Kozak was sentenced to a concurrent sentence of 11 years for the manslaughter death of Dulude.

“Although the victims had seen their share of trouble in life and law, they were members of our society. They had families. They were loved by others. They deserved basic dignity which Mr. Kozak’s actions denied them,” said Williams. “The lives were taken cruelly and were disposed of like so much refuse.”

Heavy security was in place for the hearing. As Williams pronounced sentence, Leask’s youngest daughter Hailey screamed in the courtroom, calling Kozak a “f—ing goof. You f—ing killed my dad.”

Sheriffs moved in immediately, clearing the courtroom.

Outside court, an emotional Roddy Leask read a prepared statement, saying his brother Kenneth was a good man, with a sparkling personality and a love for jokes and laughter.

Leask is survived by his three daughters, two brothers and his parents.

“When I first told my mom of Kenny’s death, she said, ‘Why would anyone want to hurt Kenny. He doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body?’ ” Leask recalled.

“It’s hard enough to lose someone, but to have him taken, tortured for days and his body dumped in the ocean is unbearable. Every time my dad hits his thumb with a hammer or cuts himself, he thinks of the pain and suffering his son endured.”

A psychopath like Kozak should never go free, said Leask.