KnapsLeask including the Chapel

KnapsLeask 031321

KnapsLeask sits on top of a hill. There is an occupied house on one side of the road with farm buildings on the other. There is also what looks like an old single story office type building as well.

Taken further back in 2004.

Looking south east and uphill towards KnapsLeask.

What looks like an office building.

The farm buildings. But I could not see a farmhouse.

A couple more pictures taken some years later.

Looking west towards Nether Leask.

Looking north towards Mains of Leask and ByreLeask.

The old Chapel ruins. There are good notes on this in Madam Leasks book “The Leasks”, 1980. When this was written the chapel was surrounded by a plantation, now fields. The chapel was probably built in the 13th century. I was going to get nearer to take more photos but the well applied barbed wire would have seriously threatened my tender parts.

Taken at a sunnier time in 2004.

Here’s some more information I came across in 2016 concerning the Chapel.  Its taken from For a description of St.Adamnan see

I never thought I would ever refer to the catholic Church on this website but there you go –
Event ID 672281
NK03SW 1 02977 32540
OS 1:10,000 map, 1975.
(NK 0297 3254) St Fidamnan’s Chapel (NR).
OS 6″ map, (1959).

The ruins of a chapel, dedicated to St Adamnan (MacGibbon and Ross 1897) (Scott et al 1915-61) or Fidamnan (Ordnance Survey Name Book [ONB] 1867), probably built in the 15th century. It measures externally 45′ E-W by 23′ 3″ N-S, with walls about 3 ft thick and fairly entire to a height of 7′, the E gable being almost complete. There is an aumbry in the S wall and what appears to be a piscina in the E. (MacGibbon and Ross 1896-7) Scott mentions a sacrament house. The chapel is surrounded by a burial ground now overgrown with trees (MacGibbon and Ross 1896-7), and there was an associated well close by (Dalgarno 1878).

D MacGibbon and T Ross 1896-7; Name Book 1867; J B Pratt 1901; H Scott et al 1915-61; J Dalgarno 1878.

The ruins of St Adamnan’s Chapel are generally as described, but the S wall is now reduced to a height of about 1.0m. There is no trace of the aumbry in the S wall, but one can be seen in the E gable. No piscina or sacrament house can be seen. There are no indications of graves in the alleged graveyard and the well cannot be located.

Visited by OS (NKB) 2 September 1970.

St Fidamnan’s Chapel (St Adamnan’s), Leask, probably 15th century. Ruinous rubble-built rectangle in wooded corner, whose E gable, sporting a large tracery-less pointed window, is relatively entire. Piscina and aumbry, otherwise very plain.

I Shepherd 1994.


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  1. Brenda says:

    I am in the process of doing my family history (I live in Canada). My maternal grandfather, Alexander Bruce, was born in Collieston. I have had some research done, and it appears his paternal grandparents (Alexander & Helen Bruce, nee Fetch) farmed at Knapsleask (I have copies of several censuses noting a farm at Knapsleask of 182 acres from at least 1851 to perhaps 1901). Would you know if this is the same farm or if there is another farm nearby that would fit this description? Thanks for any information you can provide. Brenda

    • Ray says:

      Hi Brenda, thanks for your email. I don’t know off the top of my head of nearby farms but let me pass your email onto my Genealogy Expert and better half. She may know where to go to get hold of farm information for this time.

      Best wishes, Ray

      • Ray says:

        Hi Brenda, just a courtesy email to let you know we haven’t forgotten about you. Glynis is currently laid up in bed with a cold so things are moving slowly. I know she is looking into your question so please bear with us.

        Best wishes, Ray

  2. Brenda says:

    Good Morning Ray – Thank you so much for your reply. I do have copies of various censuses in pdf format which I could forward along if your “genealogy expert” would find it advantageous. Any information she can provide would be much appreciated.

    Thank you again for your prompt reply – Regards, Brenda

  3. Brenda says:

    Hello again Ray – thank you for your recent email. Best wishes for Glynis to feel better – summer colds are the worst! No rush at all. Regards, Brenda

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