Mains of Leask

Mains of Leask including ByreLeask & Moss Leask 032333

Another farm but this time with some activity. My car reversing activities attracted the attentions of the farmer with whom I had a short conversation. I now curse my shyness and slow thinking because I could have asked permission to walk up to Byre Leask and Moss Leask. I don’t know what Mains means but there are several Mains in the area.

Called the Mains Of Leask, a bungalow overlooking the farm below.

Well, here’s the Mains of Leask, there’s that nice car again.

Looking south towards KnapsLeask.

Looking up the track that leads towards ByreLeask and Moss Leask Croft. Obscured behind the derelict building is ByreLeask.

A nice house in the area, picture taken in 2007.

A nice road junction at Mains taken in 2007

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