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The Dead of Two World Wars

The following information is taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Web Site. I think a marvelous undertaking to put the details of Commonwealth citizens killed in two world wars on the web. I did a search on the name Leask and got the following. By clicking on the name itself you get further details. Get onto them at http://www.cwgc.org/

Name Rank Regiment Date of Death

LEASK, A Corporal Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 16th Sep 1916
LEASK, A Private Seaforth Highlanders 21st Mar 1918
LEASK, A Private Hampshire Regiment 7th Oct 1944
LEASK, A Serjeant Gordon Highlanders 21st Mar 1918
LEASK, A Private Gordon Highlanders 24th Mar 1918
LEASK, A M A Able Seaman Merchant Navy 2nd Nov 1942
LEASK, A P Private Army Service Corps 16th Feb 1918
LEASK, A R Private Australian Army Medical Corps 14th May 1943
LEASK, B B Private Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.) 2nd Dec 1916
LEASK, C Private Yorkshire Regiment 5th Oct 1917
LEASK, C C Lieutenant Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C. 4th Feb 1945
LEASK, C J C Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 5th Aug 1917
LEASK, D G Warrant Officer Class II Royal Canadian Air Force 27th Apr 1944
LEASK, E Lance Corporal Gordon Highlanders 17th May 1917
LEASK, E Private Gordon Highlanders 4th Jun 1940
LEASK, E G Lance Corporal Australian Infantry, A.I.F 20th Jul 1916
LEASK, E H Gunner Royal Artillery 21st Dec 1940
LEASK, F J Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy 2nd Oct 1942
LEASK, G Private Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.) 13th Jun 1916
LEASK, G Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 17th Feb 1917
LEASK, G B Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 14th Jun 1916
LEASK, G V Carpenter Mercantile Marine 7th May 1918
LEASK, H H Private Australian Army Medical Corps 14th May 1943
LEASK, H M Private Australian Army Medical Corps 14th May 1943
LEASK, I G Corporal Australian Infantry 30th Aug 1942
LEASK, J Private Australian Army Medical Corps 4th May 1917
LEASK, J Cook Fishing Fleet 21st Feb 1942
LEASK, J Second Lieutenant Royal Flying Corps 26th Mar 1917
LEASK, J Able Seaman Merchant Navy 24th Sep 1939
LEASK, J Able Seaman Merchant Navy 3rd Dec 1939
LEASK, J Fireman and Trimmer Mercantile Marine 13th Jun 1918
LEASK, J A Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 27th Feb 1917
LEASK, J C Captain Northumberland Fusiliers 30th Mar 1918
LEASK, J E M E Lieutenant Colonel 18th Royal Garhwal Rifles 15th Nov 1944
LEASK, J H Private Gordon Highlanders 3rd Nov 1942
LEASK, J J Lance Corporal Highland Light Infantry 3rd Jul 1916
LEASK, J J Rifleman Regina Rifle Regiment, R.C.I.C. 6th Jun 1944
LEASK, J L Private Canadian Infantry (Western Ontario Regt.) 4th Jan 1917
LEASK, J T Sailor Merchant Navy 5th Aug 1942
LEASK, J W Corporal Hampshire Regiment 24th Jul 1917
LEASK, J W Civilian 14th Mar 1941
LEASK, J W M S Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 11th Oct 1917
LEASK, L Private Royal Scots Fusiliers 1st Apr 1916
LEASK, L A Civilian 2nd Oct 1940
LEASK, L F Private West Yorkshire Regt. (Prince of Wales’s Own) 16th Aug 1917
LEASK, M Master Merchant Navy 5th Apr 1941
LEASK, M Able Seaman Merchant Navy 2nd Nov 1942
LEASK, M R A Deck Boy Merchant Navy 18th Sep 1940
LEASK, P F Private Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F. 14th Apr 1918
LEASK, R Private Seaforth Highlanders 21st Sep 1916
LEASK, R L Private Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, R.C.I.C. 19th Aug 1942
LEASK, S Private Household Battalion 9th May 1917
LEASK, T Private East Lancashire Regiment 21st Mar 1918
LEASK, T Private Seaforth Highlanders 11th Oct 1916
LEASK, T Waiter Merchant Navy 28th Nov 1942
LEASK, T Able Seaman Merchant Navy 10th Mar 1943
LEASK, T G Boatswain Merchant Navy 24th Feb 1944
LEASK, T G Second Officer Merchant Navy 13th May 1942
LEASK, T H Petty Officer Stoker Royal Navy 18th Feb 1918
LEASK, T W G Gunner Royal Field Artillery 4th Oct 1917
LEASK, W Private Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.) 27th Aug 1918
LEASK, W Leading Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 11th Apr 1917
LEASK, W D Leading Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 20th Feb 1916
LEASK, W M Boatswain Mercantile Marine 23rd Apr 1917
LEASKE, J J R Yeoman of Signals Royal Navy 4th Feb 1941

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  1. Dr John Fisher says:

    Dear Mr Leask
    I am currently editing the log of HMS Virginian, an Armed Merchant Cruiser from the First World War. In the log, it is recorded that on April 8th, 1917, Leading Seaman “Leaske” (but more likely Leask) was injured in Liverpool and taken to hospital. This may have been a road accident or even a fight. As ordinary sailors were not often mentioned in the logs, I wondered if this may have been one of your “clan” and if you knew this man’s history.

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