Advisors to Achievers (RIP)

This was one of the first Leask Web pages I came across in the early 1990s but it took me a while to create a link to it. This may be because they registered the address before I could or, it may be that there motto did make a modest, understated Englishman cringe a little. However, Mac sent me an email and introduced himself and here they are.

Leask & Leask are Certified Public Accountants based in Connecticut, USA and have now been in existence for 25 years plus and judging by their Web site, very successfully. Did I ever tell you that as a teenager I studied at home for an O-Level In Principles of Accounts? With little effort I got a grade A. Way above any other qualification I got at school. Maybe I should of persevered and did more. I could be a rich accountant by now. Maybe not though, up until recently I supported IT for a Treasurers department in a large local government organisation. If that’s the kind of person you turn into when you deal with accounts, no thanks.

Anyway, give Leask & Leask a visit. Or at least I would say that if the site still existed. Searching for them in May 2011 the site no longer exists and I cant find any hits for Leask and Leask and associated names. It looks like they no longer exist. A speech Mac made to the Rotary Club several years ago still exists on YouTube.

Further investigation has found another site which appears to be a Leask Genealogical Resource. See the dedicated page or the site for more details.

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  1. Jay Leask says:

    Ray – Mac and his partners (including his brother, Walter Leask) sold their business a few years back to Blum Shapiro. In his retirement Mac has created a new firm, John M Leask II, CPA, LLC using a tag-line similar to your favorite above: Advisors to Entrepreneurs.

    Our family still owns, he kept that in the sale of the business. I’m happy to talk with you about sharing the domain! Though I like 🙂

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