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“Ex-lover’s suit upsets skater Orser
Former world champ rejects all allegations, saying there never was a promise of support

Orser, 36, woke up yesterday morning to news reports that a former boyfriend was suing the two-time Olympic men’s singles silver medallist for $300,000. He was shocked Tuesday night when his Toronto lawyer, Bruce Clark, warned him the details of the palimony suit were about to hit the media.

“The only thing I can say is it’s upsetting, upsetting for me and upsetting for my family,” said Orser, who has lived in Ottawa since last year. “I guess the first person I will discuss it with will be the courts.”

Before meeting a group of wide-eyed and appreciative skaters for an autograph and photo session, the 1987 world champion spoke with the media in a quiet corner of the arena.

“The whole situation is very unfortunate,” he said. “The next step is the courts will hear my side, and we’ll move on.

“It’s obviously very serious. I’m confident with my legal representation.”

A court date hasn’t been set.

Craig Leask, 35, alleges in court documents that Orser promised to support him for life. He also claims Orser cheated on their six-year, same-sex relationship, asked him to move out of their Rosedale home in Toronto last year, kept some personal items and killed the couple’s dogs.

Leask also charged Orser rejected a prenuptial pact and agreed to a “lasting, monogamous and balanced partnership.” He also claimed he submitted to Orser’s request to do their housekeeping and would give up his chance for advancement in his banking career.

The suit claims Orser makes $2 million a year. Leask wants a $300,000 lump-sum payment or $5,000 a month as well as some medical and dental benefits. Leask also claims in the palimony suit that he is claiming ownership of a cottage in Muskoka and half of Orser’s assets, which include a sports car, boat and home.

In a statement of defence filed with the courts, Orser rejects all of Leask’s allegations. There was never a promise to support Leask, according to Orser, who added his former lover claimed he wouldn’t seek support as a previous boyfriend had.

Orser also denied he asked Leask to be their housekeeper. He said it was Leask’s conduct that led to their separation in 1997. Orser said he found Leask in bed with other males more than once. During the eviction, Leask claimed Orser kept some of his personal property. But Orser says in his statement of defence that Leask stole some of his personal items.

As for the two family dogs, Leask said Orser had them destroyed as a result of their breakup. But Orser said Leask declined his offer to take the two dogs. Today, one dog is living in a new home. The second dog was destroyed on the advice of a veterinarian.”

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