Naughty Leask 2

Oh ‘Dear 2. There’s nothing remotely funny about murder. I found this report in September 2004 about an incident that occurred three years earlier in July 2001. Below this article is another from 2009 reporting that Leask is to dangerous to release. Gulp. It gets worse, two more articles further down states he is to be released.

Winnipeg police ID stabbing victim

By CARY CASTAGNA– Police Reporter, Winnipeg Sun

The victim who died after a stabbing over the weekend has been identified as 36-year-old Windsor Park resident Duane Denton Iwanicki. Police said Iwanicki was hosting a drinking party at his residence at 70 Canberra Rd. Friday night when he was stabbed in the neck with a knife. Cops estimated there were about half a dozen people at the party when the violence broke out.

Iwanicki’s girlfriend Sheila Laquette, who also lived in the two-storey duplex, could not be reached for comment. Neighbours said the former Singleton’s hairstylist had picked up some personal belongings yesterday morning and she hadn’t been seen since.


Six Budweiser bottle caps littered the front step of the Windsor Park residence. In the backyard, gang insignia could be clearly seen inside the shed. But police spokesman Const. Bob Johnson said the homicide — Winnipeg’s fifth of the year — doesn’t appear to be gang-related.

The 21-year-old murder suspect is not a known gang member, although tattoos on his forearms spell out the name of a well-known Winnipeg gang. Brent Richard Leask, who is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for second-degree murder, has “Indian” tattooed on his left forearm and “Posse” on his right forearm.

Leask is 5-foot-9, 211 pounds, and has short brown curly hair and brown eyes. Johnson said Leask may have skipped town.


Convicted killer too risky to be free
Eligible for release, killer to remain behind bars
The Winnipeg Sun

WINNIPEG – A Winnipeg man convicted of fatally stabbing one person and mowing down three others in a separate incident isn’t getting out of prison early.

Brent Leask, 29, was eligible for statutory release in May — automatic for all federal prisoners once they complete two-thirds of a sentence — but will remain in prison because a National Parole Board panel and the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) believe he is likely to commit a crime causing death or injury if he is on the streets before his sentence expires in December 2010.

The decision, made at a detention review hearing in Prince Albert, Sask., on Jan. 15, must be reviewed within a year, meaning Leask still has a shot at getting statutory release if his risk level decreases.

Donna Iwanicki, sister of murder victim Duane Iwanicki, attended the hearing and said she was pleased with the outcome. “I’m definitely glad they’re not letting him go, because he definitely has some violence issues,” she said. “He’s a very dangerous person.” Leask is in a maximum-security prison in Prince Albert, where he is in solitary confinement almost 24 hours a day, Donna Iwanicki said.

“I don’t feel sorry for him. My brother’s in a box 24/7,” she said. “(Leask) chose his path in life and he’s the only one who can change it.”

The NPB has the right to deny statutory release if the case is referred by the CSC and there is enough evidence to prove the person is a danger to public safety.

Violent behaviour

In Leask’s case, the panel cited his pattern of violent behaviour, the seriousness of his offences, his indifference to his crimes and his immersion in gang lifestyle as reasons to deny.

Leask is serving an eight-year, six-month consecutive sentence for manslaughter, three counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm, and possession of property obtained by crime. In July 2001, Leask fatally stabbed Duane Iwanicki, 36, during what began as a fist fight at a Windsor Park home.

Knocked to the ground, Leask retrieved a knife from the home and stabbed Iwanicki in the neck. He was sentenced to four years, six months in prison for manslaughter but more time was added after he deliberately crashed into a group of people while on statutory release in March 2006.

The incident happened after Leask and friends got into a confrontation with others at the Vibe Niteclub on Hargrave Street, the hearing was told. Court heard Leask was mad at his girlfriend for talking to other men at the club. “In a state of rage, you returned to the (truck) you had stolen earlier in the evening and purposely drove the wrong way down the street and proceeded onto the sidewalk at a high speed, into the people you had been arguing with,” parole board documents state.

The injuries inflicted to three men included a spinal fracture, skull fracture, swollen knee, cuts and bruises.

Leask tried to flee but drove into a tree. Nightclub security held him until police arrived. Leask received an additional four years consecutive to the original sentence for Duane Iwanicki’s murder.

He is also prohibited from driving and possessing weapons for life.


Freed killer needs to be watched:
Last Updated: Friday, December 3, 2010
By James Turner CBC News

Manitoba justice officials are bringing a convicted killer back to the province in hopes of keeping an eye on him when he returns to public life later this month.

Prosecutors and Winnipeg police applied for, and won, an order to have Brent Leask, 30, escorted under police guard back to Winnipeg in advance of his Dec. 21 release from a federal prison in Prince Albert, Sask.

‘You proceeded to drive onto the sidewalk at a high rate of speed, directly into the group of people you had been arguing with.’—Parole board documents

When formally released, he will have served every minute of an 8½-year sentence for manslaughter as well as charges of dangerous driving causing bodily harm and possessing property obtained by crime under $5,000, for a separate incident.

In Winnipeg, the Crown will ask a judge to impose conditions on Leask’s freedom, based on the police department’s belief he may commit a violent crime after he’s out.

Court documents say police and the Crown are seeking to prove Leask is likely to “commit a serious personal injury offence” unless the courts put checks on his freedom.

The documents said Leask has stated a desire to live in Winnipeg. The conditions the Crown is seeking to curtail Leask’s freedom have not been revealed, but could include a curfew or a requirement to check in with police at selected intervals.


Man. killer consents to constraints on freedom
Brent Leask at risk of violently reoffending, police warn
Last Updated: Wednesday, December 15, 2010
By James Turner CBC News

Freed killer needs to be watched: Crown

A convicted Manitoba killer considered a high risk to violently reoffend has agreed to let police keep an eye on him after he is released from prison next week.

Brent Leask, 30, appeared in a Winnipeg courtroom Tuesday where he consented to an order greatly restricting his freedom over the next two years. Provincial court Associate Chief Judge Janice leMaistre ordered a peace bond against him that imposes several conditions on Leask after his Dec. 20 release, including a daily 10 p.m.-to-7 a.m. curfew and regular curfew checks by police.

He is forbidden to drink alcohol, go to bars or liquor stores and must attend anger management or other counselling as directed, the judge said.

Leask, who will live in Winnipeg after his release, was also ordered to not contact or communicate with a number of people, several of whom have been identified in Manitoba court proceedings as members of the Indian Posse street gang.

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  1. Kenneth Rupert Harper says:

    Sorry but this fellow is almost certainly part of the family. He looks uncannily like my great uncle Kenneth Graeme Leask.

    • Ray says:

      Hi Rupert, thanks for the email. I guess your referring to the leask on my page This is the World War One pilot. You left your comment on the page about the gang member wanted for murder in Canada. It threw me for a moment. Its good to see that the information on has ben updated. It looks as though you great uncles name was Malise and not Malice which I always found a bit unusual.

      Best wishes, Ray

      • Kenneth Rupert Harper says:

        Rather sadly the gang member wanted for murder in Canada and the World War One fighter ace look almost identical!

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