Leasks, the Department Store

Samuel Leask & Sons

Well it looks like we had an Entrepreneur in the Clan. A Google search in January 2009 found a Business Database message about a company called Gottschalks based in California. This company brought out a Department Store called Leasks in 1988. This business was located where Urban Outfitters and Regal Cinema 9 now stands. Leask’s closed its business after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the store beyond repair. They also had locations in the Capitola Mall and Rancho Del Mar Shopping Center. Gottschalks themselves went bust in 2009.

Here’s a photo sent in by John Leask Photo credit: Covello & Covello

A local newspaper had the following article about the takeover-

Gottschalk’s signs accord to buy Samuel Leask & Sons. (department stores)

Gottschalk’s Signs Accord To Buy Samuel Leask & Sons FRESNO, Calif. — Gottschalk’s, Inc., has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Samuel Leask & Sons, a 94-year-old, family-owned department store chain based in Santa Cruz, Calif. Terms were not disclosed. Under the agreement, Gottschalk’s will acquire an 80,000-square-foot Leask department store in Santa Cruz, Calif., and two additional stores, with a total of 20,000 square feet of space, in Aptos and Scotts Valley, Calif. Together, the three Leask stores recorded sales of $10 million in 1987.

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  1. Marjorie Holmes Brown says:

    Hello, Mr. Leask! I just discovered your website and love it! Samuel Leask was my great grandfather, born in Craigdam, near Tarves in 1861. He moved to the USA about 1880. He lived to be almost 103 and I was lucky enough to know him (I danced a highland fling at his 100th birthday party). If you are interested I can give you all sorts of info about his offspring and subsequent generations of Leasks in California and the States. I was just in Scotlant this September and visited Craigdam and Tarves (the family pilgrimage). Beautiful, beautiful area! I’ll be checking your website often and will pass it on to my family. Keep up the delightful effort! Sincerely, Marjorie Brown

    • admin says:

      Hi Marjorie. Thanks for your email and kind comments. Sounds like you have had more success linking your ancester to the Clan Leask area than I have. I can track our family back to Glasgow but not further back to the Hills Of leask. If the idea appeals to you how about writing something for me to add to the website? If you have any pictures to go on there that would be great. Its been about 10 years now since i visited the area and since then Google Maps have appeared. i dont know whether you have that out where you live but you can browse street scenes on the Internet. I think I might do that and see if theres anything I can put on the web site. Nice to hear from you.


  2. Marjorie Brown says:

    Hello, Ray,
    I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply, but I neglected to closely check your website till now. I am a bit embarrassed! We do have some photos of our trip to Craigdam and Tarves and I will get them to you when I can figure out how to technically do that. I’ll be glad to write up something also, but can’t do that right away as this is my very busy work season. In fact, I’m supposed to be working right at this moment, so must hurry off. But I’ll be back!!

    • bigman says:

      Hi Marjorie, thanks for your email. Dont worry about Pictures and an article if your busy. If you can that’s great. if you cant that’s fine as well.

      Best wishes, Ray

  3. Charm Birow Lindblad says:

    Hi – I am trying to contact Ann Leask, Santa Cruz California. We were exchange students/house mates in Torreon, Mexico in 1969 and I would love to hear from her. If you are in contact with her, please give her my email address. Charm

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