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Deleted after Mike Herrington tried to frighten me about burglars.

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If you have any questions, criticisms or especially compliments please send me an email. I would be grateful for any information about the Hills of Leask that I could add to my pages. I apologize if any of you feel annoyed about my occasional tongue in cheek approach.


I would like to thank all those individuals who having set up there own homepages gave me the inspiration to create my own. The pretentiousness of some of these is astounding. The amount of human effort that has gone into creating the Internet only to give a voice to some conceited half-wit does make me wonder. I am ashamed to say that at least one of these is a Leask homepage. Five years later it may be safe to disclose that the said Leask web site was in New Zealand. It no longer exists, thank god.

11 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Robert John Leask says:

    This website is just amazing!!!!

  2. Valerie Priestley (nee Leask) says:

    My grandfather was William Leask who immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1905. He homesteaded near a little town called Marcelin in Saskatchewan. The land he homesteaded on is still in our family and my brother farms it today. The next town north of Marcelin is Leask where I live now, the same town you have on your website. I have lived here for over 40 years. This summer, my son, Winston and his wife Tracy and myself are coming to Scotland and we are planning to attend the Leask Clan reunion in Aboyne. We are looking forward to meeting our relatives from Scotland. This is a something I have wanted to do all my life. I would be very interested in hearing back from you. Valerie Priestley

    • bigman says:

      Hello Valerie, thanks for your email. Sorry about the delay in replying, the weather here in the UK has been awful. For the first time in months the sun has come out so I have been out doing various outside jobs. Its nice to hear from someone who lives at Leask. I have been aware of the town for some years. Do you know how your grandfather came to settle so close to the Town? Was he related to Robert Leask who had the original homestead? Are there many Leasks living nearby?

      My partner is the one who has looked into our family tree and I will ask whether your grandfather is related. It looks like my family left Scotland a couple of generations before William. Mind you we only made it as far as London. Not as far as Saskatchewan.

      I beleive the The Aboyne Games are on the 3rd August this year. Aboyne is not to far from Aberdeen so the Hills of Leask may be within striking distance for you. Theres not a great deal there but the landscape is nice and its certainly odd to find Leask on lots of signposts. It wont be a unique experience for yourself I guess. Watch out for the Midges.

      Best wishes,


  3. john leask says:

    Hi Ray. i recently came across a newspaper clipping about my grandfather John w. leask and his awarding of an MBE in 1964 for various things including “heroic service during WW2” and i was wondering if youd be interested in having a copy for the website?. thanks very much

    • Ray says:

      Hi John, thanks for getting in touch. Yes I would be pleased to put whatever you have up on the web site.

      Thanks, Ray

  4. Jo Leask says:

    Hi Ray,
    I was wondering if you could contact me regarding our annual Clan Newsletter. I would like to include some of the articles/info that you have compiled on your web site. Cheers, Jo Leask

  5. Matthew Hoskins says:

    This is amazing! I have been trying to find my Leask roots and this is going to be a major help to that end. Thank you for keeping this site!
    Matthew Hoskins

  6. Susanna Leask says:

    Good evening! What a great find! My 2nd great grandfather Henry Leask and grandmother Emily Shaw left South Shields, Durham around 1887/88 and arrived in Virginia, USA. They settled in Woolwich, Me by 1900. My family still lives in Me. we were always told that all Leasks in the U.S. We’re related to us! Thanks for your work on the website, has been fun to look through it, hope to find a connection to Scotland soon!

  7. Marjorie Brown says:
    Dear Ray, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time browsing your website and thought I’d share this link with you. Haswell Leask was my grandfather who died in 1998 at the age of 103. Samuel Leask was his father who was born in Craigdam in 1864 then emigrated to the USA (Santa Cruz, California)in about 1884. He died in 1966 when I was 13. I was lucky enough to know him and named my son after him. Last autumn I traveled to Scotland for the second time. I was accompanied by my husband, brother and sister-in-law. We visited Craigdam, Tarves, and the Leask House in Ellon. We had a lovely visit with the owner, Hilary (I’ve drawn a blank on her last name). It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to come back.

    • Ray says:

      Hello Marjorie, thanks for your email. Your link made an interesting read.

      I found the mention of the Leask Store being built in 1906 interesting. I did have a link to a wonderful photograph of the store in its early days. (I am assuming it was the same store) The trouble was the web page that had it disappeared and I didn’t have the foresight to make a copy.

      Its been about ten years now since we paid Scotland a visit. I live near London. I think its about time we went back.

      Best wishes, Ray

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