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This list was originally started in the mid 1990s when the Internet was still in its yoof and searching not as good as it is now.  I have just gone through the links again in 2015 and most of them are still there albeit maybe with a new page address.  I haven’t made up my mind yet whether this page is still worthwhile.  Search engines are now so fab and what with Social Media Leasks are easier to find.

http://www.davidleask.com/ Musical Leasks website

http://www.leaskmotors.co.uk/ Shetlands Ford Dealership

http://www.leaskstravel.co.uk/ Any chance of some cheap tickets? We fancy going to the Shetlands soon.

http://www.leaskrealestate.com/ Phoebe seems a happy girl. Real Estate = Estate Agent.  No longer in existance in 2015. What a shame, Phoebe always made me smile.

http://www.leask.org Whenever I see the org suffix I want to put a y on the end.

www.yell.com Search US and UK Phone lists for that illustrious name

http://www.greenex.co.uk/philosophy/platonism.html A philiosopher. Ian Leask argues that Platonism is not nascent Hegelianism, but is, instead, a ‘philosophy of finitude’. What I want to know is – why, when I drive up to a road junction lots of traffic suddenly appears and I cant get out? This I feel is strong evidence for the existence of God, and he doesn’t like me.

http://www.cousinconnect.com/p/a/0/s/Leask/ A Genealogical resource site

http://www.philleask.net/framespage.htm#home Another follically challenged Leask. An author of Novels and short stories. Lives in London, not far from me.  No longer existing in 2015 but there are a handful of Phil Leasks on facebook.

http://www.greatschools.net/modperl/browse_school/ak/350/ A school in Alaska.

http://community.aliainstitute.org/profile/JanieLeask A page giving details on Janie Leask of Alaska. Its heading is “Top 25 Most Powerful Alaskans”. I am sure that Janie does sterling work but that title for me just conjures up pictures of the Mob and J.Edgar Hoover.  the site no longer exists but have a look at this one instead.  http://www.alaskool.org/projects/ancsa/JLeask/JLeask.Introduction.htm

http://www.leask.co.za/ Accounting is popular amongst Leasks






http://www.rodgersleask.com/ Brickies

6 Responses to Leask Sites on the Internet

  1. Jay Leask says:

    leaskrealestate.com is no longer up – Phoebe, my mom, has changed firms and let this site expire. Keep up the great list!

    BTW – http://twitter.com/jayleask & http://facebook.com/jayleask are both me.

  2. David Leask says:

    Yet another accountant, here is my wife’s website for ‘Leask Accountancy Solutions’ http://www.leaskas.co.uk


    David Leask

  3. Karen says:

    Hi, I have been reading your site and wondered if you had heard of a Leask Castle? My husband (Robert Leask) had a calendar of Scottish castles and says one of them was called Leask Castle, but we can’t seem to find it’s location. Being of Scottish descent (his father emigrated to Oshawa, Ontario, Canada back in the 1950’s) we are making a trip to the ‘old country’ next fall and I would love to track it down if in fact it does exist so we can visit and get some pictures. Ever heard of it ?

    • Ray says:

      Hi, sorry for the long delay in replying. This old Leask body is having some health issues that have kept me away. No sorry, I haven’t heard of a Leask castle. Wouldn’t it be great if we had one? There is the old manor house and remains of a church of sorts. I would be surprised if the Clan was wealthy enough to have build such a thing. I wonder if your husband is mistaken? I have always referred to that area as the Hills of Leask but recently I have started to wonder where that title came from. I cant find it anywhere else. I am now wondering whether it is something my Dad made up when he went up there in the 1980s. We always called the area “The Hills of Leask” in the family but in fact it was never an “official” title.

      Anyway have a great time next Fall. I just hope the weather is better in a years time. The rain is awful at the moment.

      Best wishes, Ray

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