Hills of Leask

Lands of my four fathers

Assuming of course theres no illigitimacy in the family! These are photographs of the Hills Of Leask where the Clan Leask used to be. Most of the pictures were taken by myself in July 1999 on a visit to the East Coast of Scotland. Other pictures were taken by Pat Leask of Canada in 2004. Other picures have been sourced from http://www.geograph.org.uk/. These photographs are subject to copyright but are licensed for reuse.

The pictures are in no way all encompassing, there being no pictures of some places. If anyone has pictures of Byre Leask, Moss Leask, Home Farm of Pitlurg or the Tumulus at 337024 then I would be grateful for a copy to publish. Mill of Leask, KnapsLeask, Mains of Leask and Nether Leask are all mentioned in the Poll Tax listing of 1696.

Numbers refer to the grid reference location on the UKs Ordnance Survey Map series. All are NK.

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