Ye Ha Leask

We have a cowboy with the name, Mac Leask of Canada.

Here’s some text taken from the Canadian Professional Rodeo hall of Fame Site.

Mac was raised on a ranch in the Madden, Alberta, area and started competing in local rodeos at the age of 14.

He competed for several years as a professional, entering every event except the saddle bronc riding. Between Mac and his two brothers, George and Donald (Slim), they won the Wild Cow Milking event at the Calgary Stampede for six consecutive years. Along with Slim, Mac also competed successfully in the Wild Horse Race, winning the event at the 1952 Calgary Stampede.

Working for several contractors, such as Harry Vold, Reg Kesler and Clarence Gingrich, Mac was known an outstanding pickup man. He also loved the excitement of Chuckwagon Racing and was an outrider for numerous chuckwagon outfits. When Bob Heberling won the Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Race title in 1950, Mac was one of his outriders.

In 1953, Mac left the professional rodeo circuit to compete at local and amateur rodeos. He began to work on the organization of another association, not to compete with a pro rodeo, but as a place for young cowboys to get their start. In 1955, Mac and a group of interested cowboys met in Sundre, Alberta, and laid the groundwork for what would become the Foothills Cowboys Association. Since its’ inception, the FCA has evolved into one of the premiere amateur rodeo associations in Canada. Mac was elected the first President, held that position for 11 years, and was a major promoter of the first FCA Finals. He remained one of the most influential forces in the organization up until his sudden passing in 1979.

Mac had a rough exterior and never wavered from an upbringing of honesty and fair play, which he fought to instil in the sport of rodeo. Even after Mac retired from active competition, he could be found picking up, acting as arena director, or working in some other capacity at Little Britches, All-Girl and amateur rodeos or jackpot events.

2 Responses to Ye Ha Leask

  1. Mac Leask says:

    This is my Dad. I am Mac Leask also and there is a third one, my son Mac Leask jr. All Cowboys.

    • Ray says:

      Hi Mac, thanks for getting in touch. My first response to seeing your email was “I hope I didn’t put anything disrespectful on my web site”. We dont get many cowboys in this part of the UK and there was a Clint Eastwood film on the TV this afternoon. This probably distorts some of our views on the subject over here. Anyway thanks for your email and best wishes to you and the rest of your family.


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