Mill of Leask

Mill of Leask 013318

Probably the most attractive part of this small area. A shallow valley with a stream called the Burn of Forvie running through it.

The Slains Estate is the owner of the Hills of Leask along with 7500 acres of other land in the vicinity. According to “Who Owns Scotland” by Andy Wightman 1996, Slains is owned by the Sir Richard Suttons Settled Estates. The subject of land ownership is a growing political subject in Scotland. Anyone got any further information?

The Mill of Leask. In the middle of the picture is a derelict building, I assumed at the time it was the old Mill but this is may be incorrect. On the left is an occupied house cum farm building. Apologies to the tenants for publishing pictures of their washing. the OS map shows a third building just out of view on the left.

The same location in 2004.

And again in 2007

Another view of the occupied house taken from across the Forvie.

From another angle in 2004.

A wooden cross bearing the name “Mill of Leask”.

The old Mill building looking south west

Looks different in 2004.

An old mill stone.

Looking towards the Mill of Leask from the north east. Where the trees are on the right used to be another building. Behind the photographer is the road to Milltown of Leask.

The derelict building captured in 2004.

The Burn of Forvie looking south

Two more shots of the Forvie

Looking west from the Mill of Leask

Going back in time to the 1970s.  These were taken in 1974 and are taken from the Collection of John R Hume.  Thanks to the Canmore website for them.

Mill of Leask 1974

Mill of Leask 1974 2

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